2023 SHSAT Score Calculator/ Conversion Table

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This SHSAT score conversion table can be used to convert RAW scores into SCALED scores. It will produce a conservative estimate of your score for each section (ELA/Math).


The DOE website tells us…

  • In the middle of the range of scores, an increase of one raw score point may correspond to an increase of 3 or 4 scaled score points.
  • At the top or bottom of the range of scores, an increase of one raw score point may correspond to 10–20 scaled score points.
  • The maximum score on each section is usually around 350.

Furthermore, while there are 57 questions in each section of the test, 10 questions in each section are field (experimental) questions. Older versions of the SHSAT handbook mention this, while newer editions omit this fact:

Description of field questions from 2020-2021 SHSAT handbook
Description of field questions from the 2020-2021 SHSAT handbook

Based on this information, I reverse-engineered the following conversion table for RAW scores out of 47. The actual conversion table used for your SHSAT will be more/less generous depending on the difficulty of the version of the test that you receive.

Kenny Tan, a tutor who compiled this information, then multiplied each RAW score by (57/47) and used polynomial interpolation to calculate SCALED scores for each integer from 0 to 57.

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