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How to Get Free Stuff at 7-Eleven and CVS

Tuition at an Ivy is expensive and orange juice is at an all time high, so we all need hacks to save a little money. I just figured out how to save 50% off at 7-Eleven. There is a coupon on the Uber Eats app for 50% off a minimum $30 purchase at convenience stores. If you go pick the stuff up, no need to tip! If you are going to a 7-Eleven, by definition a convenience store, meaning it’s close by, so why get it delivered? Unless you need to quarantine, which by all means, please do.

So, to save even more, Amex adds $10 Uber cash to my account every month. I try to take the bus when I can or just stay home, so I’m left with $10 in Uber cash every month. Yes, you can use Uber cash at Uber Eats! So, imagine all the Slurpees and Gatorades you can drink at 7-Eleven, all 50% off ( up to $20 per purchase) AND then you can use the $10 Uber cash= Free Stuff at 7-Eleven. Note the total came to $42.70 due to the addition of some Pringles and Nerds Gummies. If I had more self-control, I could have limited my purchase to $30, which would have made the total $15 plus tax, but it’s 50% off!

Similarly, this works for CVS as well since it is also classified as a convenience store on Uber Eats for certain items (however, they might not let you pick up, so then there is the delivery and tip). So you see how my frugal mind works, and this is how I became an Ivy League Mom. You’re welcome.

All this for $15!

By Candace Sterling

Ivy League Mom who worked damn hard for 17+ years to get her kid into the best schools. Start young and be prepared!

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