Marry Smart by Susan Patton

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Ivy League Moms (ILM) Book Club Selection

My daughter was recently accepted to Cornell. Congratulations, everyone said. I do admit that there is a part of me that wonders if she could have gotten into Harvard, Yale or Princeton if she applied. But she did not even apply. Like so many other students, she fell in love with the beautiful college campus at Cornell. Who can blame them? Upon further research, I discovered that Ruth Bader Ginsburg met her husband, Marty, while attending Cornell. Well, if it is good enough for RBG, it’s good enough for us!

Numerous women in Manhattan lament the lack of suitable men in the city. And young girls these days, I am told, are more interested in starting a family, at least earlier than women of my generation. I learned the hard way that fertility does not last forever, when I had to undergo a procedure many other women need to when they reach a certain age. So, if fertility does not last forever and there are limited suitable men in the city, where and when should a young woman try to meet the one? Marry Smart, by Princeton Mom Susan Patton, holds that women should start seeking husbands in college. I totally agree! Ladies, learn from our mistakes! Do not wait! Find your husband in college if your goal in life is to have babies. A must read!
Princeton Mom says start getting the guys lined up in college so that you can have a husband after you graduate.

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